Student Awards & Recognition

Carmenita Student Recognition and Awards


A mid-year recognition assembly is scheduled to honor deserving students for a variety of accomplishments on campus. Some of the areas of recognition could include:  ? Effort Awards ?WEB Leaders, ?CJSF Tutors , ?Sports Team Members, and ? Students with strong academic effort and Improvement

QUARTERLY ICE CREAM: Students who earn A, B, and C grades on their quarterly Report Cards (with no “U” or "N" grade in Citizenship), are treated each with a congratulatory letter from the Principal, and a coupon to redeem at lunch for a free ice cream or snack treat.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH: These students are recognized each month by their teachers based upon the virtue of the month characteristic. Each month students will examine virtue words in their classes and students who exemplify those characteristics will be nominated by the teacher as “Student of the Month.” Students who are selected will have their picture placed on the student bulletin and receive a certificate.

DISTINGUISHED SCHOLARS: Students who are enrolled in the Distinguished Scholar Program will receive honorable recognition, awards, and a special luncheon among other things. Eighth grade students who promote while enrolled in the program will be recognized during the promotion ceremony.  

GREEN AND GOLD AWARDS: Students who have demonstrated exceptional improvement or have a strong record of Academic Excellence or Academic Improvement are recognized for their efforts during the Green and Gold Awards. Students are awarded in every subject level and they are recognized by their teachers at an evening event.    

PAW PRINT CERTIFICATES: PAW (Positive Attitude Works) certificates are handed out to CMS students who display random acts of kindness and respect. Every adult on campus is looking for students making good choices and acting with appropriate behavior. When they see students making a positive impact on the campus, they may reward the student or students with A PAW Print Certificate. Certificates should be placed in a PAW Print mailbox located outside of the main office. At the end of each week 5—10 certificates are pulled from the mailbox and the students are presented with a prize package of various items and candies.