AFTER-SCHOOL SPORTS/ACTIVITIES: ABCUSD offers team sports after school. Teams include: Girls Volleyball, Softball, Track and Basketball, as well as Boys Flag Football, Basketball, Track, and Soccer. Depending on interest and availability of coaches/sponsors, other activities will be introduced throughout the year. Students enrolled on any tier of the CMS Three-Tiered Behavioral Contract, or those with a GPA below 2.0, will not be eligible for these activities until improvement is shown.

CHRISTIAN CLUB: Students meet once a week at lunch for fellowship and to plan service to the school and the community. All student s are welcome.

C.J.S.F.:   The CJSF motto is “Scholarship for Service”. Members serve as peer tutors, support school activities, and are active in community service. Opportunities to learn leadership skills, scholarships, and network with other CJSF members in California are possible with leadership conferences and the annual CJSF Spring Conference. To participate in this state organization, students must apply at the beginning of each semester. 7th grade students may only apply after completion of their 1st semester at CMS. Students pay a fee for membership each semester plus the cost of the official CJSF sweatshirt in the Fall and the CJSF T-Shirt in the Spring.

SCIENCE CLUB: This organization is open to all students interested in joining and learning more about Science. Weekly meetings at lunch time allows students to discuss topics concerning science and our lives such as ecology, conservation, and to take part in the district Science Olympics, hear speakers from science professions, and investigate science concepts. The goal is to further students understanding, pique new interests and have some fun.  

DISTINGUISHED SCHOLAR PROGRAM: Each year students who are passionate about a subject area, are willing to go above and beyond, and are committed to school excellence or community service, will have an opportunity to become a Distinguished Scholar.   These exemplary students will be positive role models for others and must meet and maintain the requirements of each subject area.

FIELD TRIPS: There are two types of field trips taken by CMS students. One type of field trip supports specific curriculum as it relates to the students’ classes and is considered educational in nature. The other type of field trip is considered to be a service field trip. The students must adhere to the following rules to be allowed to participate in the service field trip. 1) The student must not be absent more than once a week for a four week period prior to the field trip. 2) The student must not miss 2 or more homework assignments within the seven-day period prior to the field trip. 3) The student must be not be on the CMS Three-Tiered Student Behavior Contract.

SCHOOL DANCES: Dances are held after school and are sponsored by the CMS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or the Student Council. Chaperones are school personnel and administration. No guests are allowed, and ALL SCHOOL RULES AND DRESS CODES APPLY. Parents are expected to pick up students promptly at the conclusion of the dances. Dances held directly after school will end promptly at 4:00 p.m. Students are never permitted to leave early unless there has been contact with a parent or guardian. Students enrolled on any tier of the CMS Three-Tiered Behavioral Contract, or who have six (6) or more detentions in a quarter, are ineligible to attend school dances. EVENING DANCES END AT 7:00! Students who do not observe the rules or do not make arrangements for pick up sooner than 15 minutes after a dance will be subject to the disciplinary actions beginning on page 9.  

STUDENT PICK-UP: After all school-sponsored events/activities it is imperative that students be picked up PROMPTLY AT THE END OF THE EVENT! This is especially important with any evening event on campus. Students who are not picked up at the conclusion of these events are subject to disciplinary action that may result in the loss of privileges to future events.  

W.E.B. PROGRAM: “Where EveryBody Belongs” (WEB) is a peer-mentoring group who’s responsibility is to make sure all students, particularly our new 7th grade students, feel welcome at CMS. Prior to the first day of instruction all 7th grade students visit campus for an orientation relating to CMS campus life with the WEB students acting as guides.