Distinguished Scholar Forms & Documents

Carmenita Middle School

Distinguished Scholars Program Information



The focus of Carmenita Middle School’s Distinguished Scholars program is to accelerate learning for students who strive for excellence in a specific subject area.  

A Distinguished Scholar is a student who is:

  1. Passionate about a subject area
  2. Willing to go above and beyond in a specific subject area
  3. Dedicated to excellence
  4. Committed to school and/or community service
  5. A positive role model for other students

Distinguished Scholar Requirements:

  1. Application completed by the student in a specific subject area
  2. A teacher recommendation form completed by two teachers.  The current teacher of the subject area for which a student is applying is not to complete the form.
  3. Accepted through a screening process by the individual department in which the student is applying
  4. Complete “above and beyond” Distinguished Scholar assignments as designated by individual departments
  5. Demonstrate behaviors that are a positive role model for other students in the subject area(s) for which they have been designated as a Distinguished Scholar. (Maintain satisfactory citizenship in all classes)

Distinguished Scholar Benefits

  1. Accelerated academic opportunities in specific subject areas
  2. Development of speaking and presentation skills
  3. Special awards and recognition during Green and Gold Awards Night and the promotion ceremony.
  4. Special learning opportunities (field trips etc.)
  5. Prepare for a rigorous high school curriculum

Distinguished Scholar Dates:

  1. Applications are available for students on November 8 (Monday)
  2. Lunch time overview with Students November 8 (Mon)
  3. Overview with Parents November 10 (Via-Zoom)
  4. Student applications are due November 15 (Mon)
  5. Application reviewed by departments beginning November 20 (Fri)
  6. Departments read applications on November 20 (Fri) during a department meeting
  7. Selection information sent to the principal on November 30 (Mon)
  8. Congratulations certificates/letters out by the Week of Dec 1
  9. DS Assignments begin December 2022

Exiting Students from DS Program:

  1. Students have dropped below the department’s stipulation of DS requirements
  2. Students who have not maintained a satisfactory citizenship grade for all classes.
  3. Parent Contact made by the teacher
  4. Parent conference held and deadlines given
  5. Exit conference with teacher, student, parent, and the principal